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notion cup - BACHATA JACK & jill competition

Rules & information

Welcome to the Notion Cup Jack & Jill competition!

This exciting event is designed to celebrate the creativity, connection, and improvisational skills of Bachata dancers.

Participants will be randomly paired to dance with different partners, making for an exciting and unpredictable competition by judging on their ability to dance harmoniously and adaptively with different partners.

Below are the detailed rules and guidelines for competitors, judges, and spectators.

The process

You simply participate in one of the Qualifiers events, a Jack & Jill competition that would allow you to win a ticket to the Notion Cup Finals of 2025. You are allowed to participate in as many competitions as you wish but you can only win one ticket to the finals.

Alternatively, you can also take part in the Jack & Jill Qualifier during our festival where you get a final chance of gaining access to the Cup Finals.


Throughout the year 2024 and before May 2025, we shall be conducting Jack & Jill competitions at various bachata festivals across the UK and Europe.

Winners of these Qualifier competitions get a direct entry ticket to the Notion Cup Finals in 2025.


  • Full Pass for Latin Notion – UK 2025

  • Free entry ticket to the finals of the international, Notion Cup – UK 2025

  • More prizes specific to the qualifier’s competition is available on the registration page of the event or festival

The notion cup finals

On May 17, 2025, is the major event day at the Latin Notion UK festival when we shall be hosting the final Jack & Jill competition for all the winners from the qualifying events of the different festivals and events across Europe prior to the final day.

The finals day competition would be judged by international artists with multiple rounds, including preliminaries, semi-final and the finals.





  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Winners will receive trophies, medals, and/or cash prizes.

  • Additional prizes may be awarded for Best Musicality, Best Connection, Best Showmanship etc.


There will be 2 crowned champions in first place – a Leader and a Follower


They will win the ultimate prize of a sponsored trip to Latin Notion Dubai festival- 2025.

This includes

  • Return flight from London to Dubai (or equivalent flight price)

  • Full Pass to Latin Notion Dubai 3rd Edition in 2025

  • 3 Nights of Shared Accommodation with Breakfast     


  • All winners will receive trophies, medals, certificates of participation and displayed on the Notion Hall of Fame

  • Photos and videos of the competition may be shared on social media and event websites.

general rules

These rules applies to all our Jack & Jill competitions. The Qualifiers at specific event might include additional rules which would be noted on the registration page.


1. Eligibility:

   - The competition is open to dancers with a minimum of 1-year social dance experience

   -  Participants must be at least 18 years old.

   - Participants must register prior to the event.

   -  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


2. Competition Format:

   - The competition consists of multiple rounds, including preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals.

   - Each round will feature different music selections to challenge the dancers' versatility.



3. Pairing:

   - Dancers will be randomly paired with different partners in each round.

   - Pairings will be announced before the start of each round.

competition format

Preliminary Round

Dancers will be randomly paired and with multiple partners.

- Music: Two songs of different tempos will be played.

- Duration: Each song will last approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes.

- Judging Criteria: Connection, musicality, timing, and basic technique.


Semi-Final Round

The top scoring dancers from the preliminary rounds will advance. Dancers will be paired randomly again and perform to different songs.

- Music: Two to three songs with varying styles (traditional, modern, sensual).

- Duration: Each song will last approximately 2 to 2.5 minutes.

- Judging Criteria: Partner connection, creativity, interpretation of the music, and technical execution.


Final Round

The highest scoring dancers from the semi-finals will compete. Dancers will be paired randomly for a final time and perform to two-three songs.

On this round, the judges would also be able pair with the dancers when necessary.

- Music: Two to Three songs showcasing a range of Bachata styles.

- Duration: Each song will last approximately 2.5 to 3 minutes.

- Judging Criteria: Overall performance, chemistry with the partner, improvisation skills, and audience appeal.

judging criteria

Competitors will be judged individually by randomly allocated male and female judges for either leaders or followers. Judging criteria include:

1. Connection: The ability to maintain a strong and fluid connection with the partner.

2. Musicality: How well the dancers interpret and express the music.

3. Timing: Precision in dancing on the beat.

4. Technique: Proper execution of Bachata steps and movements.

5. Creativity: Originality and inventiveness in the dance.

6. Showmanship: Engaging the audience and presenting a captivating performance.

code of conduct

- Respect: Treat all participants, judges, and spectators with respect.

- Sportsmanship: Display good sportsmanship at all times.

- Safety: Ensure that all movements are safe for both partners.

- Attire: Wear appropriate dance attire that allows for freedom of movement.


Competitors will be disqualified for the following infringements:

- Inappropriately under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

- Dancing dangerously or completely off key

- Inappropriate language or behaviour


To address issues:

Speak calmly and clearly to the competition coordinator at an appropriate moment.

If unresolved, arrange a meeting with the organizers as soon as possible.

Refrain from posting on social media without first allowing organizers to rectify the situation.

judging panel

- The judging panel will consist of experienced Bachata dancers and instructors.

- Judges' decisions are final and should be respected by all participants.

awards & prizes

- Awards will be given for the top three couples in the final round.

- Additional prizes may be awarded for special categories such as Best Musicality, Best Connection, and Best Showmanship.

registration & fees

- Registration: Participants must register online or at the event prior to the competition.

- Fees: A registration fee is required to participate. The fee amount will be specified during the registration process.

contact information

For any questions or further information, please contact the event organizers at or visit our website at

We look forward to seeing you showcase your Bachata skills and enjoy an unforgettable dance experience!

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